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Broctave Key and Frankensax

For information about the Broctave key and the Frankensax, go to:

Auditions into the Saxophone Studio

In addition to auditions for Wind Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and Big Bands, you may be interested in auditioning for 1) entrance into a degree program in the School of Music, or 2) entrance into saxophone lessons. All these auditions are held at the regularly scheduled entrance auditions listed at the School of Music Advising Office web site:

Please see the Saxophone Flyer for full information about audition requirements, and please take note especially that available space for students seeking private saxophone lessons are at a premium, and are frequently reserved for students who are pursuing a music degree with saxophone as their primary instrument.

UW Saxophone Flyer

Click here to view complete information about studying saxophone at the UW, including information about auditions and admission.


UW Saxophones Tuning Drones

Click here to view a list of downloadable mp3 files that you can use to train yourself to play the saxophone in tune. Choose the drone that fits the key of a piece you are learning. The drone can be on the root or (as I prefer) the 5th of the key. Listen carefully for the difference tones that are created between the drone and any note that you play. For a fun challenge, use the "G concert" drone to accompany you when playing the 1st portion of Duke Ellington' s "Prelude to a Kiss" (which is written in the key of C major) and use the "B concert" drone when playing the bridge.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view a list of common question and answers about saxophone study at the UW, and gaining admission into the saxophone program.


Your Saxophone Grandparents

As a UW saxophone student, you are taught methods that were passed to me at key times in my own playing career by these marvelous mentors:

Joe Allard – New England Conservatory and Juilliard Hadley Caliman Don Lanphere


 Tips on Studying Jazz Music

Click here to read some answers to common question about learning to play jazz.

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A Few UW Sax Studio Alumni

       Ivan Arteaga (BM 2010 Jazz Studies, now enrolled at UW in M.M. composition, a founder of Tables & Chairs label, and of IMP/improvised music project & festival)

       Mark Taylor (BM, jazz studies, MM Manhattan School, awarded 2009 NW Best Instrumentalist by Earshot Jazz, leading soloist playing in NUMEROUS Seattle bands including SRJO, Marc Seales Group, Matt Jorgensen+451)

       Travis Ranney (jazz studies, now plays in NUMEROUS Seattle bands including SRJO)

       Andrew Swanson (BM 2009, jazz studies) Active performer in Seattle, playing everywhere and making recordings in award-winning ensemble, SPEAK (you need to check them out!)

       Neil Welch (BM 2007 jazz studies, now active pro in Seattle groups--awarded 2009 NW Emerging Artist by earshot Jazz ). Leader of two excellent ensembles in Seattle, making recordings, playing everywhere

       Scott Macpherson (BM 2010, jazz studies)
(here is Scott's favorite photo--with Kenny Garrett)
Description: ScottMcP-Photo09

       Nicole Barnes (graduated BM Saxophone at UW 2005, then MM New England Conservatory, now faculty at Western Washington Univ.)

       Bryan Smith (MM 2009, saxophone perf) Active professional player in Seattle jazz groups and in contemporary sax quartets.

       Tobi Stone (BM jazz studies) plays in Reptet, the Tippets, and Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (

       Miriam Champer (BM 2011, clarinet performance) Now medical school at U of O

       Seth Alexander  (BM 2007, jazz studies - now playing in professional Seattle bands , including MUCHO GUSTO, and teaching in public education, Seattle area)

       Howard Mostrom (BM jazz studies, now the Lead Recording Engineer at Triad Recording Studios in Redmond)

       Gwen Bayly (BM, jazz studies, played in the Seattle funk band Kissing Potion, now living and performing in Italy)

       Jon Armstrong (graduate 2006, jazz studies, now at Caltech)

       Art Brown (graduated 2006, jazz studies) plays everywhere and records with HardCoreTet, Pocket Change and other groups

       Jay Easton (DMA 2006, classical performance, specialist in ALL sizes and vintages of saxophone, from soprillo to contrabass)

       Barbara Larson (graduated 2006, classical performance, MM 2008 from Eastman)

       Rob Davis (BM, jazz studies, now active pro in Portland)

       Tina Richerson (MM, Saxophone Perf. plays in The Tipptons, and projects with composer Amy Denio New York City)

       Ryan Marsh (BM 2007, classical performance, now at NEC for MM)

       Aaron Jenkins (BM 2005 jazz studies, now active pro in Seattle, plays with Seattle jazz groups and rock/fusion bands (including Sly Lothario

       Andrea Rahn Peterson (BM, Music Ed & Saxophone, now teaching in Granite Falls School district) NAMED 2007 NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR. Find out more about Andrea's award, including her presentation in the White House Rose Garden at:

       Dan Wickham (BM, Saxophone Perf., teaching in the Highline District, and plays professionally with The Type A! Funk Band and with the SRJO).

       Fred Winkler (post grad UW studies, now on the faculty at UPS in Tacoma)

       Mark Noguchi (BM, jazz studies, now active professional studio writer and player in LA)

       Aaron Birrell (BM, jazz studies, now active pro in Seattle)

       Greg Sharp (BM, Saxophone Perf., now an MD and on staff at the UW Medical Center)

       Dieter Rice (BM, Music Ed, now teaching in Northshore School District, and entering a Masters program at Western Oregon in 2007)

       Megumi Azekawa (BM 2008, classical performance - now MM student at Colorado State Univ. )

       Nick Torretta (BM 2008, jazz studies)

       Kevin Williams (BM 2010, music ed)

       Matt Wenman (BM 2009, Music Ed) Now teaching in Issaquah Schools.

       Cory Foster (currently pre-med)

       T.J Pierce (BM , classical performance, saxophone & viola)

       many more to be added going back to 1988...


     Beginning of School Year News

       Auditions for the UW Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz combos will be in the first week of classes.

       Wind Ensemble audition music is available (beginning in summer) on line from:
professor Tim Salzman <>

       Modern Big Band (which has non-standard instrumentation) audition music is sight-read at the time of the audition, plus improvising on some contemporary pieces. For information contact:
professor Cuong Vu

       Studio Jazz Ensemble (standard big band instrumentation) audition music is sight-read at the time of the audition, plus improvising. For information contact:
professor Fred Radke.

       Jazz Combo auditions material is based on standard jazz repertoire announced at the audition. For information contact:
professor Marc Seales <>




Past Photos and Movies from the UW Sax Studio

Click here to view pictures of the UW Saxophone Quartet's road trip to Vancouver, B.C. for the Eugene Rousseau master classes June 25-27, 2004. Good times!

Click here to view a slide show of Nicole Barnes' Junior Recital (filmed/produced by Mark Noguchi).


More UW Saxophone Studio images on the way!


 Click Here To View Brockman's 2007 UW Wind Ensemble Japan Tour Photos