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Physics 322, Winter 2009

Electricity and Magnetism

Instructor:  Blayne Heckel

Office: PAC515
Office Hours: Mon. 12:30-1:30, MWF 9:30-10:30, or by appointment
Telephone: (206) 685 2401


Solution to final exam posted.


Meeting Times and Locations

Lectures      M,W,F at 8:30 in PAB A110


AA: T      8:30-9:20    PAB  B109 
AB: Th     8:30-9:20    PAB  B109
AC: T      1:30-2:20    PAB  B109


Syllabus and General Information





First Exam  (Mon. Jan. 26 )

Solution to First Exam

Second Exam (Mon. Feb. 23)

 Solution to Second Exam


Final Exam  (Tues. March 17, 8:30-10:20)

Solution to Final Exam for Physics 322


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