Physics 322   Winter 2009


General Course Information


Text:   “Introduction to Electrodynamics” (third edition), D. J. Griffiths (Prentice Hall, 1999)
Optional Texts: For reference
             "Electromagnetism",  Pollack and Stump, (Addison Wesley, 2002, ISBN 0-8053-8567-3)


Homework:   Homework will usually be assigned each Friday and will be due the following Friday.

            It is best if you can do the homework yourself, as you then receive the full benefit of thinking it through. However, you
            are also encouraged to discuss the homework with your classmates, but you must submit your own solutions.
            Homework is due in class at 9:20. Late homework will be accepted up to 12:30 the same day at my office (slip it
            under the door, if necessary). Homework later than this will not be accepted.


Discussion Sections:  There are three discussion sections which will be devoted to problem solving, lecture clarification, exam
            review, and anything else you think you need. They are held on Tues. 8:30 and 1:30 and Thurs. at 8:30 in PAB 109. You are
            each assigned to one of these sections.


Exams:   There will be two one-hour open-book midterm exams. They are tentatively scheduled for Mon. Jan. 26 and Mon, Feb. 23.
            There will be no make-up exams. The final exam is Tues.  Mar. 17 at 8:30-10:20 in PAB A110. It is your responsibility to
            ensure that you can take each exam at its scheduled time.


Grades:   The homework and each midterm exam count for 25% of the course grade. The final exam counts for 50%. The lowest
            25% score will be dropped (either the homework score, a midterm score, or half of the final exam score). If you miss a midterm
            exam, that will count as the dropped score.
            Note: You must take at least one of the two midterm exams and the final exam to pass the course.


TA’s:   Michelle Brochmann (
            Gary Howell (