Q SCI 291: Analysis for Biologists I: (SLN 20145) --- Autumn 2014

Course Information and Syllabus

Welcome to Q SCI 291. Here you will find helpful information about this course. You are also encouraged to review our class web site and read the information about the course posted on the MyLab & Mastering Course Content web site. Note to use MyLab & Mastering make sure you are using one of the approved browsers.

This course is delivered using a hybrid approach.

  • The web is used to deliver all course content. Students are responsible for accessing this information and for learning the course material. This requires self-discipline and vigilance to ensure that enough study time is devoted to this course on a daily basis.
  • The instructors use email to communicate with the class and a discussion board is available for students to submit questions or comments. In addition, our course TA holds office hours to provide individual attention when needed.

    At the beginning of each week, we send an email outlining the week's topics and the text chapter covered. Every two weeks we have a closed book hourly exam and we end the class with a closed book comprehensive final exam. Please review the web page that describes how the class is graded.

    The assigned homework problems are NOT turned in for grading. You may check your work by logging onto the MyLab & Mastering web site to check answers to the odd numbered exercises (see eBook tab). In addition, there are numerous online MyLab & Mastering homework problems that can be worked to test your level of understanding. The eBook, Study Plan, and Multimedia Library tabs direct you to an online review "Getting Ready for Calculus" which you may wish to review.

    Interactive Tutorial Website

    In addition to MyLab & Mastering is an interactive website that generates practice problems that correlate directly to the exercises in the text. Every exercise is accompanied by an interactive guided solution that provides helpful feedback for incorrect answers. You can also view a worked out sample problem that steps you through an exercise similar to the one you're working on.

    Student Learning Goals

  • To master the concepts of elementary differential calculus techniques as applied to practical problems in biology, natural resources management, environmental science, ecology, life sciences and business.
  • To understand how to use differential calculus to better understand and gain insight into the functioning of biological, natural resources and environmental systems.
  • To demonstrate the proper uses of mathematical thinking and the role mathematics plays in the scientific and the common press.
  • To allow students to better understand how mathematics can be properly used in their disciplinary studies in biology, natural resource sciences, environmental sciences, and other physical and social sciences.

    Text and MyLab & Mastering

    You should purchase access to the MyLab & Mastering web site for this course. This is especially important since no formal class lectures are included as part of this course. In addition to an online text, you gain access to videos of all example problems, powerpoint slides, and access to a tutor. To register to use MyLab & Mastering, visit the MyLab & Mastering web site and under the Register tab click the Student dialog box. If you already purchased access to MyLab & Mastering enter the course id bare63324 and proceed. If you have not already purchased access to MyLab & Mastering click the Students box in the horizontal bar near the top of the MyLab & Mastering page and then follow the instructions for registering and buying access.

    If you prefer to purchase an online or printed copy of the text (without access to MyLab & Mastering), visit the text web page for more information. Do not purchase your text for this course until you have read the information on the text page.

    Miscellaneous Information About MyLab & Mastering

    Please note: There is nothing to install on your computer; just use the web-based tools contained in MyLab & Mastering.

    You may also find the online Multimedia Library helpful. As mentioned above, it contains an online version of the text, powerpoint slides, and videos for every sample problem. Please use these resources to deepen your understanding of the course material. The Multimedia Library is accessible from the MyLab & Mastering web site after you login.

    In addition, if you purchase access to MyLab & Mastering, you have access to a Prentice-Hall Tutor available via telephone or email. To access this service, visit the Tutor Services tab on the MyLab & Mastering web page for our course.

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