March 4, 2009


I wish to share with you the final Report and the supporting individual center reports of the Ad Hoc CFR Centers Review Committee that was commissioned in December 2008 and chaired by Associate Dean Bob Edmonds.

The Committee's work was informed by a series of self-study reports prepared by Center directors. These reports outlined the fiscal health, future strategic vision, space and facility requirements, human resource needs, and future programmatic directions for each of our Colleges' research centers and cooperatives. Based on these reports and other information available to the Committee a set of recommendations was submitted for further review. Please review their excellent report and be prepared for further review in the weeks ahead. Thanks and best wishes.

We greatly appreciate the work of the Committee for helping us sort out, and set a future direction for, the efficient and effective management and organization of our research centers and programs.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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