..Unit Operations Laboratory I
..Laboratory Schedule.


Team Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Experiment 3
A Pump Characteristics Transport Phenomena Fin Efficiency
B Transport Phenomena Pump Characteristics Air Flow Measurements
C Orifice Characterization Fin Efficiency Transport Phenomena
D Air Flow Measurements Orifice Characterization Pump Characteristics
E Fin Efficiency Air Flow Measurements Orifice Characterization
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Written Planning and and Final Reports should be addressed to the following TAs
• Fin Efficiency: John Katahara, Benjamin Hall 620N, 206-543-5556
• Orifice Characterization: Ye-Jin Hwang, BAG336A, 206-685-0502
• Air Flow Measurements: Janet Matsen, Benjamin Hall 440, 206-616-6954
• Transport Phenomena: John Katahara for Experiment 1; Ye-Jin Hwang for Experiment 2; and Janet Matsen for Experiment 3.
• Pump Characteristics: Ye-Jin Hwang for Experiment 1; Janet Matsen for Experiment 2; and John Katahara for Experiment 3
General problems, inquiries and statistics questions should be directed to Prof. François Baneyx, BNS307, 685-765
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