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Warme Post Op Packets




We like to provide patients with post operative packet to organizes all the information they are given after surgery.



Print Divider Labels: 

  1. Open “Labels” document
  2. Place label sheet in front printer tray (Face up, arrows toward printer)



Assembly of Folder: 

  1. Label the folder dividers in the following order:
    1. POST OP
    2. REHAB
    3. SURGERY
    4. FOLLOW UP
  2. Place the Cover Page in front of the first divider so that it shows through the clear front pocket window
  3. Place the generic Post Op Instructions behind the "POST OP" divider
  4. Place the Contact Information Sheet behind the “CONTACT INFO” divider



Day of Surgery Folder Instructions: 

  1. Place the paperwork from Sarah in Exercise Training behind the “REHAB” divider.  Make sure to remove any extra paperwork (clinical notes, doctor’s letters, etc.) and discard of the extra paperwork in a blue HIPPA bin.  The only information in this section should concern sling usage and/or exercises.
  2. Place the appropriate folder in the appropriate patient’s slot at the nurse’s station.  Make sure the nurses know that the packet is there so they can add their Post Op information sheets to the packet.



Packet Supply Cost