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EPIC Dictations


Note - Always dictate a letter when possible and copy discharge summaries to the referring providers.


When dictating a letter, ensure that you request the Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Letterhead.


Dial:  866-480-2839


20 for a correspondence
30 for a clinic note

Press 2 to begin dictating

Dictate your name
Dictate and spell patient name
Dictate date of service
Dictate any copies to be sent
Dictate address if letter or copy to be sent to outside provider.

Press 1 to place dictation on hold. To remove hold, press 2 and continue dictating.
Press 2 to pause, press 2 again to dictate.
Press 3 to rewind/listen
Press 4 to fast forward to end of dictation
Press 5 for a job number and disconnect
Press 7 for continuous rewind. to play, press 7
Press 8 to end dictation and promps for work type and next patient report.