Professional societies / committees

  • Founding member, Steering Committee for Student / Postdoc and Resident in ARO (spARO) [Article]
  • spARO representative, ARO Government Relations Committee (2010)
  • spARO representative, ARO Long Range Committee (2008/9)
  • spARO representative, ARO Education Committee (2008)

Seminar organization

Martinos Center “Brain Mapping” Seminar

“Brain Mapping” seminars are by and for researchers using neuroimaging to study human brain function, and for anyone interested in learning about neuroimaging. The seminars are presented by Martinos Center researchers, collaborators, and outside speakers. I am the coordinator of this weekly seminar series.

Why.N.How Tutorial Series

Each month, Lilla Zollei and I organize two tutorials / workshops that share a common theme. The first tutorial of the series aims to introduce WHY we use a particular tool in neuroimaging. The tutor would provide a bird's eye view of the application of this tool and (s)he would also discuss some of the fundamental theory and assumptions associated with this tool that are relevant to experimental design and subsequent data interpretation. The second tutorial of each series focuses on HOW to “turn the cranks.” The tutor would review how to use the common features offered by this tool and work through example programs and data sets. Tutorial topics and materials can be found in our wiki page.

Past committees

Harvard-MIT, Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Faculty Awards Committee

Every year, the HST student body honors two members of the HST community for their teaching through two awards: the Irving M London Teaching Award and the Thomas A McMahon Mentoring Award. The Faculty Awards Committee comprises of students from different HST programs. I was one of the representatives for the SHBT program.

Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology (SHBT) Program Admission Committee

HST-SHBT admission committee comprises of faculties as well as students. As an international student, I was interested to share my experiences with international applicants the delicate visa and funding issues. Official application deadline is December 15 each year (Please visit the official SHBT website for the most updated information). Interview process begins around February each year.

SHBT Distinguished Lecture Series Organizing Committee

SHBT holds two distinguished lectures annually, inviting and honoring some of the best researchers in the field of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the world. In 2005, the student body took up the responsibilities of inviting researchers as well as organizing the whole lecture series. I served in this committee for 2 years. Presenters in 2005 were Donata Oertel, PhD, UW-Madison Medical School, and Bob Shannon, PhD, House Ear Institute.

Sidney Pacific Graduate Community, Orientation Committee

This MIT graduate dormitory houses 700 graduate students. Along with my co-chair, we organized activities to orientate the incoming students and worked closely with the MIT Graduate Student Council Orientation Committee. We also compiled the 2004 SP Orientation Guide for the incoming students. More than 1000 students participated in the events we organized between August and September 2004.

UNSW Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Student Society

Otherwise known as ELSOC, I was elected as the secretary in 2000 and the industry liaison officer in 2002. We organized events to strengthen the communication channel between students and faculties as well as exposing students to the industry. I was also appointed by the Director of Academic Studies to found a student committee that provides feedback to the academics on the teaching quality in our engineering curriculum.

Steering Committee for UNSW Co-op Program

UNSW Co-op Program is a scholarship program set up by industry and the University of New South Wales to provide money and industry training for selected undergraduate students in disciplines in Commerce, Science and Engineering. I served as the student representative in this committee on behalf of the Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Programs.