AIS/HSTAA 332, Winter 2010
American Indian History since 1840

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Instructor: Sasha Harmon

Office: Padelford C-514F
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30-3:30 and by appointment
Telephone: 543-7116

Meeting Times and Locations

Monday-Thursday, 9:30-10:20 a.m.

Balmer 309

Announcements and Other Assignments

On Tuesday, January 12, come to class with the McMurtry book on Crazy Horse, the Catlin letter from the coursepack, and the letters from Heizer's Destruction of California Indians (coursepack, too). Also bring the sheets of questions about the reading that were distributed last week. We will discuss some of those questions and other questions you'd like to raise about these readings.  

Exercise due Thursday, January 14, in class:

From the excerpts of Heizer's Destruction of California Indians that are in your coursepack, pick a passage you find especially interesting or provocative. In a few sentences, discuss what that passage can teach us, either about the threats that California Indians faced to their survival in the 1850s or about efforts that Indians made to cope with the massive changes they faced in the 1850s. A legible handwritten submission is acceptable.

For Wednesday, January 27:

Bring to class, in writing, a question or two prompted by reading David Adams's Education for Extinction -- a question or comment you hope we can discuss in class on Thursday, January 28.

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