BME 332: Thermal Fluids II (Fluid Mechanics)

Bulletin Course Description:¬†Fluid statics; Conservation of mass, momentum, and energy in fixed and moving control volumes; Steady and unsteady Bernoulli’s equation; Differential analysis of fluid flow; Dimensional analysis and similitude; Pipe flows; Turbomachine; Internal and External flow.

BME 450: Introduction to Ocean Engineering

This course is an introduction to the fundamental aspects of science and engineering necessary for exploring, observing, and utilizing the oceans. Topics include Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Ocean Sensors, Underwater Acoustics and Sensing, Sonar, Marine Geology, Ocean Vehicles, Marine Energy, Marine Ecosystem, Marine Mammals and Noise, and Ocean Pollution and Policy. The goal of this course is to give students an introduction to fundamental concepts of ocean sciences and engineering. This course contains research-based projects focused on marine environment.

EE 341: Discrete-Time Linear Systems

This course introduces undergraduate students to discrete-time signals and systems, which is the starting point for work on digital signal processing. In this course, you will gain an understanding of basic theory of discrete-time signals and systems and the relationship to continuous-time signals and systems, advance your skills in translating between different types of system descriptions for system analysis and design, and develop the ability to analyze and implement simple discrete-time systems using MATLAB.

BME 334: Thermal Fluids Lab

Weekly experiments designed to introduce students to the basics of experimentation, instrumentation, data collection and analysis, error analysis, report writing, and teamwork skills. Topics will include fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

Ocean Data Collection and Analysis (coming soon)