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PY Group Alumni

Below are listed former graduate student, former postdoctoral fellows, and former undergraduate trainees

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Former Graduate Students

The following is a listing of former students who have received degrees while working in my laboratory at UW since 1987.

Degree, Year
Thesis Title
Current Address
Koji Abe Ph.D., 2018, Bioengineering Development of highly sensitive protein lateral flow assays InBios International, Seattle, WA,

Susan B. Abrams

Ph.D., 1994, Bioengineering

Development of an optical fiber fluorescence sensor for general anesthetics based on lipid phase transitions

Williamstown, MA

Caitlin A. Anderson Ph.D., 2019, Bioengineering Sensitive protein-based for influenza Global Good, Bellevue, WA

Douglas D. Archibald

Ph.D., 1990, Chemistry

Structural studies of high-aspect-ratio self-assembled lipid microstructures with the use of microscopy and FT-NIR-Raman spectroscopy

Department of Crop & Soil Science Department
Penn State University
University Park, PA

Gayathri Balasubramanian
M.S.E., 2002, Bioengineering
Development and modeling of low-cost passive flow regulator for laminate-based microfluidic systems

David A. Basiji

M.S.E., 1992, Bioengineering

Vowel extraction from electroencephalograms using neural networks

Chief Executive Officer, Amnis Corporation, Seattle, WA

Joshua R. Buser Ph.D., 2016, Bioengineering

Heat, Fluid, and Sample Control in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Postdoc, Yager Group (2016-2017)
Samantha (Sam) Byrnes Ph.D., 2017, Bioengineering An Integrated System for Large Volume Sample Processing at the Point of Care Global Good, Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, Bellevue, WA
Catherine R. Cabrera
Ph.D., 2002, Bioengineering
Microfluidic electrochemical flow cells: design, fabrication, and characterization MIT Lincoln Laboratory,

Kimberly A. Carlson (neé Trabbic)

Ph.D., 1999, Bioengineering

The structure and spinning of fibroin proteins.

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Paul Carlson

Ph.D., 1999, Bioengineering

Study of self-assembling complex high ratio lipid microstructures (CHARMs) for delivery of therapeutic agents

Deceased, 2001; contact Kimberly Carlson

Hugh Chang
M.S.E., 2005, Bioengineering
Development of a confocal detector for spatially distributed fluorescence in microchannels President, Axon Consulting, LLC
Gina E. Fridley Ph.D., 2015, Bioengineering Methods and models to control and predict behavior of
two dimensional paper networks for diagnostics

Bain & Company, CA

Jennifer O. Foley
Ph.D., 2007, Bioengineering
Design and development of surface plasmon resonance imaging microfluidic assays

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania

Elena Garcia
Ph.D., 2006, Bioengineering
Reagent storage and transport in microfluidic systems for clinical diagnostic and drug discovery purposes Centocor, San Diego, CA

Dylan Guelig

M.S.E., 2018, Bioengineering Development of devices for NAAT-based amplification of protein lateral flow assays Magnolia Medical, Seattle
Melissa Hasenbank
Ph.D., 2008, Bioengineering
Surface plasmon resonance imaging, and electrochemical amplification of SPR signals

Medtronic Vascular, Bay Area, CA

Karl Hanson
M.S.E, 2009, Bioengineering
Pulsed Sample Injection Immunoassay: Computational Modeling, Calibration and Sensitivity Analysis

available as of 8/2010

Anson V. Hatch
Ph.D., 2004. Bioengineering
Diffusion based analysis of molecular binding reactions in microfluidic devices Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA (
Kenneth Hawkins
Ph.D., 2007, Bioengineering
Designing the diffusion immunoassay (DIA) --
how properties of the analyte affect DIA performance
NanoString, Technologies, Inc., Seattle, WA
Kristen M. Lloyd Helton
Ph.D., 2008, Bioengineering
Sample preconditioning of saliva for the measurement of small analytes in a microfluidic biosensor
Carly Holstein Ph.D., 2015, Bioengineering

Development of a Novel Paper-Based Flu Test for Improved Diagnosis at the Point of Care

Digital Innovations Groupr, Providence Health and Services

Andrew Kamholz

Ph.D., 2001, Bioengineering

Quantitative analysis of diffusion and chemical reaction in pressure-driven microfluidic channels

President, Edge Embossing LLC, Boston, MA

Lisa Lafleur Ph.D., 2010, Electrical Engineering Design of microfluidic devices for low resource settings postdoc, Yager lab,
Maris Lemba Ph.D., 2012, Bioengineering Real-time Three-dimensional Microarrays: How Well Can We Distinguish Between Related Target Sequences? TBD
Jason Li
M.S.E., 2006, Bioengineering
Assembly of gene delivery nanoparticles using rapid microfluidic mixing

Hillary L. MacDonald

M.S.E.E., 1993, Electrical Engineering

The design and investigation of long pathlength sample cells for use in remote Raman spectroscopic chemical sensing

Chair, Women in Optics, SPIE, 2002-2004

Katherine McKenzie
Ph.D., 2010,
Sample Preparation and IgM Immunoassays for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Just graduated;

Sabina Merlo

M.S.E, 1989, Bioengineering

Development of a fluorescence-based fiber optic sensor for detection of general anesthetics

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering,
University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Matthew Munson
Ph.D., 2004,
Controlling mass transport in microfluidic channels

Postdoctoral Fellow, NIST, Rockville, MD

Mallory Monahan
M.S.E, 2015, Bioengineering
Fluorescence Detection of DNA Amplification in Porous Media for Point-of-Care Diagnostics Strategy Officer at Uphill Designs

Catherine Morgan

Ph.D., 1999,

A microfabricated CO2 sensor

ISSYS, Ypsilanti, MI (new e-mail address soon)

Jennifer L. Osborn Ph.D., 2011, Bioengineering Development of microfluidic immunoassays PATH,

Thor D. Osborn

Ph.D., 1994, Bioengineering

Development of a mass producible lipid bilayer support device

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Julie Parnell

Ph.D., 1997, Bioengineering

Development of a Raman spectroscopy-based polymeric sensor for general anesthetics

Product Development Specialist, Olympic Medical, Seattle, WA

Jennifer J. Person

M.S.E., 1990, Bioengineering

Toward the development of an ion channel-based biosensor: addressing the reproducibility of "tip dip" bilayer studies

Beaverton, OR

Eric Schilling

M.S.E.,2001, Bioengineering

Mixing and modeling

Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Paulo Spicar-Mihalic, Ph.D.

Ph.D., 2010, Chemistry Development of microfluidic immunoassays

Scientist, nanoString Technologies, Inc. Seattle, WA

Xue Shen (David) Wu
Ph.D., 1992, Bioengineering (co-advisor, Allan Hoffman)
Synthesis of hydrogel-liposome composites and their application to controlled release of active agents Long Island, NY
Lauren Shepherd
M.S.E.,2010, Bioengineering
Enhancement of Mixing in a Microfluidic Device Using Acoustic Oscillation

Just graduated;

Dean Yasuo Stevens
Ph.D., 2010, Bioengineering
Development and Optical Analysis of a Microfluidic Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device

Just graduated;

Rahber Thariani
Ph.D., 2009, Bioengineering
Imaging of surfaces by surface plasmon resonance and surface plasmon resonance-enhanced fluoresence

Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program,
School of Pharmacy, UW
thariani (-at)- gmail -dot- com

Manda Williams

Ph.D., 2013, Bioengineering

Insights of Mixing on the Assembly of DNA Nanoparticles

Postdoctoral work, Ratner Laboratory:

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

The following is an incomplete listing of postdoctoral fellows who have been trained in the Yager lab at UW.

Current Contact
Farhan Ahmad, Ph.D. DARPA MAD NAAT project

Senior R&D Scientist-Center for Applied Materials Science, Pall Corporation

Sigma R. Alpha, M.D.

polymerizable surfactant systems


Eric Altendorf, Ph.D.

microfluidic flow cytometry

Microencoder, Inc.

Joshua Bishop, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project Global Good, Bellevue, WA
Mark Blaylock, Ph.D. NIDCR salivary diagnostic project

James P. Brody, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development and theory

UC Irvine, Dept. of Bioengineering

Joshua Buser, Ph.D. MAD NAAT and others VP, R&D, Chip Diagnostics, Inc. Philadelphia, PA

John S. Chappell, Ph.D.

lipid tubule theory and practice


Lai-Kwan Chau, Ph.D.

microfluidic analytical chemical devices

National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Shelli Dennis, Ph.D. DARPA MicroFlumes project, collaboration with A. Folch

Thayne Edwards, Ph.D Salivary diagnostic immunoassay development

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Juan Pablo Bojorquez Esquivel, Ph.D. Development of paper-based fuel cells

Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona

Alex Goldstein, Ph.D.

Development of lipid based CHARM drug delivery systems

Syntrix Biosystems,
Erin Heiniger, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project and multiple others UW Bioengineering staff position

Mark Holl, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development

Department of Electrical Engineering, UW,

Shichu Huang, Ph.D. Influenza detection project Department of Bioengineering, UW, Seattle
Turgut Fettah Kosar, Ph.D. DxBox Project (Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) Harvard University Center for Nanoscale Systems
Paula Ladd, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project and others Consultant, Seattle
Lisa K. Lafleur Multiple projects--NASA DEC project, DxBox project, MAD NAAT grant.

EKOS Corporation, Bothell, WA

Hyun Ho Lee, Ph.D. NASA Development of a DNA-Based Detector Array for Microbial Monitoring of the ISS Water System Department of Chemical Engineering,: Myongji University, Korea
Melissa Li, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project Magic, the Gathering

Anatolyi Lukyanov, Ph.D.

development of CHARMs for drug delivery

Microplumbers Microsciences LLC

Katerina Macounova, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development

Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic

Kjell Nelson, Ph.D. Salivary diagnostic technologies

President and CEO, Assay Dynamics,

Thor D. Osborn, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Dong Qin, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science Departments, Georgia Tech,

Paulo Spicar-Mihalic, Ph.D. microfluidic device development
Srinath Rangarajan, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project ExVivo Labs Inc., Toronto, CA
Bhushan Toley, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Department of Chemical Engineering, Bangalore, India

Bernhard H. Weigl, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development

Program for Appropriate Technologies in Health, Seattle, WA

Manda Williams, Ph.D. sequestration of urea using clathrates TBD
Xiaohong Zhang, Ph.D. MAD NAAT project Research Scientist, Nickerson Lab, UW, Seattle

CaiCai Wu, Ph.D.

microfluidic device development

Pacific Biometrics, Inc., Seattle, WA

Former Undergraduate Trainees

The following students worked on their Bioengineering Senior Capstone Projects in the Yager Lab.

Current Contact
Luke Allpress '13 Dry storage and rehydration of immunoassay amplification reagents

Steven Asplund '07 Microfluidic valve and pump design
Richard Baldwin '07 Microfluidic device design and fabrication

UW School of Dentistry

Emily Cameron '18 Development of Zika serology assay  
Janae Chan '19 Development of valves for use on inexpensive disposable microfluidic devices.  
Devon Cole '11 Development of paper microfluidic nucleic amplifiation assays

University of Ohio, medical student

Isabela Covelli, '14 Computational modeling of isothermal nucleic acid amplification reactions Business Analyst, Deloitte, Issaquah, WA
Krittika D'Silva '15

Automated Analysis of Paper-Based Immunoassay Tests on Mobile Devices

Cambridge University
Fareed Faghih '11 Heater for isothermal amplification of nucleic acids
Alexis Fleming '19 Collaborating on development of a theory for understanding the role of partial saturation in the flow of fluids through porous media used in lateral flow tests.  
Saleh Feras Jaber '15

Building a vertical disposable nucleic acid test

Epic, Madison, WI
Louise Lyth Hansen '17

Development of a Competitive Inhibition Assay for Implementation in Fluorescence-based Point-of-Care Diagnostics

UC Berkeley Bioengineering Ph.D. program
Arielle Howell '19 Collaborating on development of a theory for understanding the role of partial saturation in the flow of fluids through porous media used in lateral flow tests; testing optical methods to monitor the degree of saturation in such media in real time.  
Allison Hsu '18 Exploration of the effects of the environment on the timing of flow of fluids through controlled geometry paper “timers”  
Benedict Yuen-Fui Hui '08 Salivary Diagnostics

Univeristy of Wisconsin School of Medicine, Milwaukee

Karen Keniston '14 Understanding and Modeling the Effect of the Péclet Number on Transverse Transport in Nitrocellulose UC San Diego School of Medicine
George Kimpel '13 Measurement of capillay pressure and resistance of porous materials

Huy Quang Le '11

Controlled spatial and temporal release of dried regents in paper  
Philip Lee '17

Development of a Fluorescence-Based Immunoassay for Rapid, Highly Sensitive, and Low-Cost Point-of-Care Influenza Diagnosis

UC Berkeley Bioengineering Ph.D. program
Michael Look '05 Gates DxBox Project Yale University Department of Biomedical Engineering
Afshin Mashadi-Hossein '05 Gates DxBox Project NanoString Technologies, Inc.
Lauren Mayeda '18 Development of a method for capture of RNA on silica that was compatible with paper microfluidics  
Allison Merth '17

Understanding the mechanism behind an audio-powered lysis method

Christopher (CJ) Mowry '15 Algorithm for Colorimetric Analysis of Irregular Lateral Flow Test Lines Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University
Austin Palmer '10 Heater for isothermal amplification of nucleic acids Converged Devices
Amanda Patterson '08 Salivary Diagnostics

UW School of Dentistry

Sai Paul '16

Integrated System for Automated Quantification of Lateral Flow Point-of-Care Diagnostic Assays

Department of Bioengineering, Rice University
Phillip A. Poonka '11 Measurement of flow in paper microfluidic devices

UC San Diego Department of Bioengineering

Mark Steedman '04

Diffusion Immunoassay

UC Berkeley Department of Bioengineering

Karman Tandon '08

Gates DxBox Project

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Kristen Trett '08 Gates DxBox Project Seattle Children's Research Institute
Philip Trinh '10 Low-cost inkjet printing  
Sugandhan Venkatachalam '11 Development of kinetics software for bioassays on cell phones  
Jessica Wang '15 Automation of an influenza protein immunoassay or the development of affordable paper diagnostics Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

Joshua Weinstein '05

Measurement of temperature on SPR imaging surfaces


Alec Wollen '14 Cell phone based cell lysis PATH, Seattle, WA
Amanda Woodcock '15

Creation of Nasal Swab Simulator to Study Mechanical Properties of Anterior Nasal Swabbing

Product Creation Studio, Seattle, WA

Archival Photos

Yager Group, Spring, 2002. From left to right: Jennifer Foley, Kenneth Hawkins, Hugh Chang, Catherine Cabrera, Anson Hatch, Paul Yager, Jennifer Glasco, Matt Munson, Elena Garcia, Elain Fu, Jason Li, Ellen Rowland, Rahber Thariani


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