Paul Yager Research Group
Bioengineering Department, Box 352255, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA

DARPA MicroFlumes Project

(May 1997 - July 2000):

A Micro-Fluidic Sample Preconditioning System for CBW Agent Detection and Quantification

Schematic of system for separation of microbial, viral or protein analytes from interferent particles. See Final Report for explanation.

Project Management

Separations Task Group
Pumps and Controls Group

Prof. Paul Yager (BioE), P.I.
Prof. James P. Brody, (BioE), Co-Investigator*

Prof. Fred K. Forster (ME), P.I,
Prof. Martin A. Afromowitz (EE), Co-Investigator


Excerpts from the Final Report of the Separations Task as presented to DARPA in August, 2000.

Also search on the WWW for publications authored by members of the Yager group, some of which are still in preparation at the time of the submission of the final report. Check PY CV for recently updated listing of these.


DARPA, which funded this work at UW.

The Washington Technology Center, in whose facilities much of this work was carried out.

*Brody currently Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at UC Irvine

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