My Family

There are four people in our family: a father, a mother, and two little girls.

The fatherís name is Li Yang, the two little girls' names are Rebecca and Erica, and of course, I am the mother.

We started our family in Champaign, Illinois, a Midwest campus town in the US, with a great university in the flat cornfield. We then moved to Hong Kong, the most exciting city in Asia.  We witnessed 1997, the year Hong Kong returned to China after 100 years of governance by the British.  We now live in Seattle, the most beautiful and vibrant city in the United States.  We all love Seattle!

Here are some of our family pictures, enjoy! (click on the picture for a larger size)

Li Yang & Xiaoping Rebecca Erica Sisters Family

Sunshine on face

On the meadow

It's me

Snowy mountain
At Keywest


At IU-Bloomington

Hello, it's me

Enjoy the afternoon alone

Rebecca's laugh 
Look, I'm strong


On the riverside

I am a bird

I am happy

I caught a fish

On the sidewalk

Beautiful California

I like ice-cream

Great Ocean Road (Australia)

Hey! I wanted to jump
Rebecca (1)
Rebecca (2)
Rebecca (3)
Rebecca (4)
Rebecca (5)
Rebecca (6)
Rebecca (7)
Rebecca (8)
Rebecca (9)


Erica and puppy

Erica in Whidbey Island

Erica (3)

Erica (4)

Erica (5)

Erica (6)

Erica (7)

Erica (8)

Erica (9) 

Erica (10)

Erica (11)

Erica (12)

Erica in New York





Erica's Birthday


Merry Christmas

In Li Jiang

At Disneyland

With Minnie Mouse

After Bath





Walk on the beach

Lazy afternoon

Happy Together

West Lake in Hangzhou


Wet feet

Death Valley adventure

Love in autumn
Merry Go Around
At Epcot 
Rebecca and Dad
Erica and Dad