Talbott, 5 credits (W credit)


This course will focus on contemporary discussions of important issues in philosophical ethics. In the first half of the course, the main issue to be discussed will be: What are we doing when we make a moral judgment? This will lead to a discussion of the question: What are we doing when we make judgments about what it is rational to do? This will lead to a consideration of various types of moral and normative realism and anti-realism. In the second half of the course, we will discuss various substantive ethical theories, including utilitarian ethics, social contract ethics, virtue ethics, and feminist ethics. There will be two 5-7 page papers, a Midterm Exam, and a Final Exam, as well as short essay questions answered in class. No freshmen. Prerequisites: At least one other course in philosophy. Meets I&S Requirement.


Texts: Louis P. Pojman and James Fieser, Ethical Theory (6th ed.) and a photocopied reader.