Current News

Congratulations to Jamie Hernandez for being awarded a 2019 HHMI Gilliam Fellow.
Congratulations to Rachel and Ian (co-first authors) on their manuscript in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.
Congratulations to Shijie and co-authors on their Science Advances manuscript!
Welcome Hannah Vanbenschoten to the Woodrow Lab!
Join us at SFB in Seattle where Rachel and Hannah are presenting.
Rachel's review article on microneedle mediated vaccine delivery to the oral cavity is published in Advanced Healthcare Materials
Sharon and Hannah (co-first authors) publish a nanoparticle cross-platform comparison in Macromolecular Bioscience.
Emily publishes her nanoparticle-nanofiber composite paper in Biomaterials.
Jaehyung's mansucript describing effect of chitoson on nanoparticle delivery is published.
Hangyu publishes his self-assembled peptide manuscript.
Shih-Feng gives a podium presentation at the 2017 Spring MRS meeting in Pheonix.
Prof. Woodrow joins the NANO study section as a regular member.
Welcome Jamie Hernandez to the Woodrow Lab!
Hangyu and Shijie both give oral presentations at the AIChE Bioengineering and Nanotechnology conference in Chicago!
Hannah's mansucript describing the effect of heterogenous cells on DC phenotype is published.
Anna publishes her manuscript on in vitro-ex vivo correlations of drug release from electrospun fibers.
Prof. Woodrow gives inaugural UC Berkeley BioE Rising Star seminar.
Shih-Feng's mansucript on drug release and mechanical properties of electrospun fibers is published.
Anna's polyurethane mansucript is published.
Join Anna and Shijie at the Controlled Release Society meeting in July!
Kim is promoted to Assoc. Professor - see the surprise gift from the lab!
Joe publishes his diagnistic paper with Dr. James Lai.
Don't miss Anna Blakney's podium presentation in the Drug-Eluting Devices session of the World Biomaterial Congeress in May!
Ryan, Arielle and Anna publish their review on clinical translation of electropsinning.
Anna Blakney's publishes our first anaytical paper on LC-MS/MS.
Rachel Creighton is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
Welcome Rachel Creighton to the Woodrow Lab.
Renuka's paper on nanolipogels is published.
Cameron Ball's paper on coaxial eletrospun fibers is published.
Prof. Woodrow is awarded the UW Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.
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