William Jones

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At the iSchool, I manage the Keeping Found Things Found project (in collaboration with Dr. Harry Bruce; see also http://pim.ischool.washington.edu/). I received my doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University for research in human memory over twenty years ago. I’ve published basic research in cognitive psychology as well as more applied research in personal information management (PIM), information retrieval and human-computer interaction. For a while I left research altogether to work with information management in the business world. I worked as a program manager at Microsoft for nearly six years in the 90’s, where I was involved in the production of information management features for both Microsoft Office and MSN Search. Before that, I worked as an internal consultant at Boeing, where I led an effort to create an information repository for flight deck problems and design rationale. The most unusual patent in my name is for “step indexing” of Japanese text (embodied in a search facility that shipped in the Japanese version of Microsoft Office’97).

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