SALTA in a Nutshell:
Cosmic Rays at Snowmass 2001

Updated: 02/06/2001

Efforts have been underway in several places around the US and Canada to develop large-area EAS detectors for ultra-high energy (1019 eV) cosmic rays using local secondary schools as sites for detector elements. GPS timing and the schools' existing Internet connections allow local triggers to be logged, timestamped to few-nanosec precision, and then forwarded to a central analysis computer, to be scanned for events spanning several sites. Such arrays may not only contribute to the physics goals pursued by large-scale international projects like Auger, but will allow us for the first time to observe events spanning 100s of km.

A workshop held in Seattle in September, 2001 brought together physicists and educators from around the USA and Canada. In addition to organizing a North American coalition of regional projects, NALTA, the workshop included discussions of a demonstration effort to be held in connection with the Physics Weekend outreach effort planned for the Snowmass 2001 particle physics workshop, to be held in Snowmass, CO in July, 2001.

For further information, contact: J. Wilkes, U. of Washington.