Snowmass-Area Large-scale Time-coincidence Array

Photos of students and teachers at last summer's CROP workshop at U. Nebraska

The photos below were taken at a workshop, very similar to the one we plan for Snowmass, which was held at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) in July, 2000. Students and teachers from around Nebraska came to learn about cosmic ray research and get hands-on experience with the experimental equipment that they will take back to their schools. The UNL physics group recovered hundreds of surplus detector modules from CASA, a cosmic ray experiment which operated at Dugway, Utah, from about 1990 to 1998. Each recovered detector module contains a plastic scintillation counter (a sheet of clear plastic, doped with a fluorescent dye that emits UV light when ionizing particles pass through), a photomultiplier tube (to detect the weak light signals), and a high voltage supply (to operate the PMT). The workshop participants refurbished and tested 3 or 4 counter modules, which will then become their school's cosmic ray detectors.

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R.J.Wilkes (last update: 02/07/2001)