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Last update: 07/25/2001

Thanks to all participants and staff for making the SALTA Workshop a success!

The SALTA project plans to set up a cosmic ray detector network in collaboration with secondary schools in and around the Roaring Fork Valley, in Colorado. The project is part of the education effort associated with the Snowmass 2001 Summer Study on the Future of Particle Physics, to be held in early July, 2001. As part of this outreach effort, we are planning a workshop at Snowmass for area high school teachers and students during the week of July 9-13, 2001. During the workshop, high school groups will hear talks from leading research physicists about ultra-high energy cosmic rays and why they hold the key to many fundamental questions in physics, and will also learn about particle detector equipment, including hands-on work with the SALTA detector elements which will later be donated to their schools. All workshop events and materials will be provided by the organizers without cost to teachers or students.

Background information:

SALTA is planned as a new component of NALTA, a consortium of physics research groups and schools in Canada and the USA which are locally organizing school-network based detector arrays to study ultra-high energy cosmic rays. The NALTA consortium was organized at the Workshop on Cosmic Ray Physics with School-Based Detector Networks, held at the University of Washington/Seattle in September, 2000. See the individual group web pages below for details on the scientific motivation, techniques and educational aspects of these projects.

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For further information, contact: J. Wilkes, U. of Washington.