WaToToM 2006





FRIDAY:  We can check in any time after 3:00, but our first official event is dinner at 6:00.  The Grotto ( = bar) is open from 4:00 on, so people that arrive with a margin before dinner might like to gather there.


After dinner we will introduce ourselves and talk a bit.


SATURDAY:  9:00 9:30  Mathematical warm-up


9:30 12:00 Larry Lashaway from OSPI will lead a discussion about the proposed revision to the Math Endorsements for Elementary, Middle and High School teachers.


After lunch there will be a good long break so people can go cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing (right on the grounds!) or use the sauna, or have a chat or a siesta. Then at


3:00 we will gather again. The afternoon's discussion will be launched by three teachers from rural schools in Eastern Washington. This will continue until


6:00, when we will dine again.


After dinner we will have a non-launched discussion centered around finding out what is going on at our various institutions (we have a splendid array represented!)


SUNDAY,  9:00 - 12: We will discuss what we might do about all this in the course of the up-coming year, what we might aim for for WaToToM 2007, and whatever else seems at that point to be in need of discussing.Then we will consume one more phenomenal meal and roll on home.