This is a mirror site for the web site of Guy Broussseau, designed to make his site more accessible for Anglophones. It is being produced by Ginger Warfield (warfield@math.washington.edu) as a perpetual work in process. I have translated this homepage, and some other key pages, and will continue to translate some entries, in particular Brousseau's summaries of his entries. Most links, however, will take the reader to the originals in French. For any reader who would like to know more about one of those originals, I am willing to provide some additional description and discussion (though only rarely a complete translation!)

    In order to make it easier for the reader to connect this site and the original French language site, I have kept all of Brousseau's fonts and formats. In order to make it easier to spot the differences, I have converted the colors from blue to green strictly on the sections I have translated. Comments that I add myself will be in the color and font of this note.


    This site is intended for the public, for teachers of mathematics at K-12 or secondary level, and for researchers in Didactique and in Education who are curious to know the origins and evolution of one of the first modern approaches to scientific didactique and mathematics education.


    It contains:

    1. Texts(publications, articles, observation notes,...) and thematic files accompanied by current commentary,
    2. A course given in 2010: the concepts and experiments of the Theory of Situations
    3. A chronicle: events, memories or responses to letters from visitors.


    Successive additions are presented as numbers of a journal, but all can be accessed directly.


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    Cours 2010 Ingénierie curriculums 3 Premier enseignement de la Statistique au CM2 2012

    Diaporama 13 : Premier enseignement de la Statistique au CM2

    Partie 1 Le récit du curriculum

    1. Le premier de ces deux diaporamas, « le récit » est une présentation synthétique de toutes les étapes d’un curriculum expérimental visant à initier les élèves du CM2 à la Statistique et aux mesures d’évènements.

    La mise en expérimentation de ce curriculum n’avait pas pour but de préparer le développement à court terme d’une méthode d’enseignement mais de répondre à des questions scientifiques importantes.

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    Les « effets » du « contrat didactique » 1982

    Résumé :
    La première partie du texte présente quelques effets de l’implicite mais impératif et absurde « contrat didactique » : « Topaze », exemple introductif à la notion de contrat didactique, « Jourdain », « Papy », « Diénès », l’abus de l’analogie est dénoncé dans un sketch de l’humoriste Raymond Devos. Le texte présente d’abord quelques « échecs » observés au cours du mouvement des mathématiques modernes :

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    The COREM

    The Center of observation and research on the teaching of matheamatics and the Michelet School at Talence were for 25 years the most advanced laboratory of experimantal didactique of mathematics. How did it work? This site is the place where anyone who worked on this project in any capacity whatever: counsellor, teacher, researcher, etc., and principally the elementary school teachers of the Michelet School, can place their stories or their personal contributions. Perhaps it will make it possible to make known the incredible history of this project, unique of its kind, from its conception (1964-1973) and foundation (1973-75), its functioning, until the end of the contract (1975-1998), and the making available of its archives (2000 - 2010)

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    Lucienne Félix

    The place for the works and publications of Lucienne Félix, indispensible links in the origins of didactique, is on this site, beside the works that they inspired. To them will be added all the documents and memories that contribute to honoring thememory of this pioneer, the mentor of the author of this site.

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