Prospective Students

Working with me

I always look forward to working with talented and self-motivated students who are interested in doing interdisciplinary research at the intersection of HCI, social computing and big data. Currently a major focus of my work is countering digital misinformation and my lab has several exciting projects in pipeline. Students who work with me often bring their own ideas and take the projects in new direction. You are welcome to check the publications page and the current students page to learn more. You are also encouraged to reach out to my current students to learn about their experiences working with me.

If you are a current UW undergraduate or graduate student who would like to do research in our lab, please feel free to drop me an email with your CV/resume, information about yourself including your major, technical expertise, prior research experience, if any, and most importantly, why do you want to do research in my lab.

If you are hoping to do a PhD at UW, please apply to the iSchool in Autumn. Assume that I’m admitting students in the coming year; no need to write me to confirm.