Afroasiatic Linguistics, Semitics, and Egyptology: Selected Writings of Carleton T. Hodge
Co-edited with Alan Kaye. Bethesda, MD: CDL Press, 2004

Edited collection of twenty essays by the late Carleton Hodge of Indiana University. The work outlines Hodge's life and career, and highlights some of Hodge's most important contributions to a number of disciplines including Egyptology and Semitics, as well as Afroasiatic, Chadic, and Indo-European linguistics.

Articles include:


  • Ritual and Writing: An Inquiry into the Origins of the Egyptian Script
  • Egyptian Beliefs about the Bull¹s Spine: An Anatomical Origin for ANKH
  • Thoth and the Oral Tradition
  • Consonant Ablaut in Egyptian
  • Prothetic Alif and Canonical Form in Egyptian
  • The Divergence of the Egyptian Suffix Conjugation

Egyptian and Survival Semitics:

  • Elilim
  • Miktam
  • Some Hebrew Hapax Legomena
  • The Hieratic Origin of the Ugaritic Alphabet
  • An Egypto-Semitic Comparison


  • The Linguistic Cycle
  • Afroasiatic Pronoun Problems
  • Afroasiatic: An Overview
  • Afroasiatic: The Horizon and Beyond
  • Lisramic (Afroasiatic): An Overview
  • Some Afroasiatic Etymologies
  • Chadic
  • Hausa Personal Pronouns


  • The Persian Verb Dialectically Considered

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