S. Marc Cohen
Professor Emeritus

Department of Philosophy
University of Washington

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Current Research

I’m currently working on Aristotle’s metaphysics, with several of my projects are available on the World Wide Web. An annotated hierarchical analysis of Metaphysics Book Kappa is now available as part of Project Archelogos. An article on Aristotle's metaphysics can be found in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. An article on substances in Aristotle has just appeared in Blackwells Companion to Aristotle (ed. G. Anagnostopoulos); one on alteration and persistence in Aristotle in the Oxford Handbook of Aristotle (ed. C. Shields); another on the role of accidental compounds in Aristotle's ontology is forthcoming in Reason and Analysis in Ancient Greek Philosophy: Essays in Honor of David Keyt (ed. G. Anagnostopoulos and F. D. Miller, Jr.).

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