S. Marc Cohen
Professor Emeritus

Department of Philosophy
University of Washington

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I am no longer engaged in classroom teaching. However, I continue to maintain this web site so that it can be used in conjunction with courses offered at other universities (recommended) or by the autodidact (not recommended, but better than nothing at all).

PHIL 320 Philosophy 320: History of Ancient Philosophy

Here are links to some of my former course offerings at the University of Washington. These sites are not currently maintained, and are presented in the form in which they appeared when their associated courses were last offered.

PHIL 120 Philosophy 120: Introduction to Logic, Autumn Quarter 2007

PHIL 433 Philosophy 433: The Philosophy of Aristotle, Winter Quarter 2008

PHIL 453 Philosophy 453: The Philosophy of Language, Autumn Quarter 2008

PHIL 520 Philosophy 520: Seminar in Ancient Philosophy, Spring Quarter 2004

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