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Philosophy of Aristotle

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Articles on Aristotle

This bibliography is restricted to journal and anthology articles about Aristotle from the past fifty years. Books and monographs are not included. The only topics included here are those that pertain to PHIL 433. Hence, articles on Aristotle’s ethics, politics, rhetoric, poetics, etc., are not inlcuded.

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Journal Abbreviations:

AP Ancient Philosophy
AGP Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
AJP Australasian Journal of Philosophy
APQ American Philosophical Quarterly
BACAP Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
CJP Canadian Journal of Philosophy
HPL History and Philosophy of Logic
HPQ History of Philosophy Quarterly
JHP Journal of the History of Philosophy
JHS Journal of Hellenic Studies
JP Journal of Philosophy
JPL Journal of Philosophical Logic
JSL Journal of Symbolic Logic
NDJFL Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
NS The New Scholasticism
OSAP Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
PAS Aristotelian Society Proceedings
PASS Aristotelian Society Proceedings, Supplementary Volume
PQ Philosophical Quarterly
PR Philosophical Review
PPQ Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
PPR Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
PSt Philosophical Studies
PSc Philosophy of Science
RM Review of Metaphysics
SJP Southern Journal of Philosophy

Anthology Abbreviations:

[Bambrough] Bambrough, R. New Essays on Plato and Aristotle (London: 1965)
[Barnes et al.] Barnes, Schofield, and Sorabji. Articles on Aristotle, 1. Science (London: 1975); 3. Metaphysics (London: 1979); 4. Psychology and Aesthetics (New York: 1979)
[Berti] Berti, Enrico. Aristotle on Science: The Posterior Analytics (Padova: 1981)
[Bogen & McGuire] Bogen, J. and J.E. McGuire. How Things Are: Studies in Predication and the History of Philosophy (Dordrecht: 1983)
[Corcoran] Corcoran J. Ancient Logic and its Modern Interpretations (Dordrecht: 1974)
[Düring & Owen] Düring, I. and G.E.L. Owen. Aristotle and Plato in the Mid Fourth Century (Goteborg: 1960)
[Frede] Frede, Michael. Essays in Ancient Philosophy (Minneapolis: 1987)
[Judson] Judson, Lindsay. Aristotle’s Physics: a Collection of Essays (Oxford: 1995)
[Matthen] Matthen, M. Aristotle Today: Essays on Aristotle Ideal of Science, (Edmonton: 1988)
[McMullin] McMullin, E. The Concept of Matter in Greek and Medieval Philosophy (Notre Dame: 1965)
[Moravcsik] Moravcsik, J.M.E. Aristotle : A Collection of Critical Essays (New York: 1967)
[Nussbaum & Rorty] Nussbaum, M. C. and A.O. Rorty. Essays on Aristotle’s De Anima (Oxford: 1992)
[O’Meara] O’Meara, D. J. Studies in Aristotle (Washington: 1981)
[Paideia] Simmons, G. C. Paideia: Special Aristotle Issue (Brockport, NY: 1978)
[Scaltsas et al.] Scaltsas, T., D. Charles, and M.L. Gill. Unity, Identity and Explantion in Aristotle’s Metaphysics (Oxford: 1994)
[Schofield & Nussbaum] Schofield, M. and M.C. Nussbaum. Language and Logos: Studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy (Cambridge: 1982)
[Sim] Sim, May. The Crossroads Of Norm And Nature: Essays On Aristotle’s Ethics And Metaphysics (Lanham, MD: 1995)

I. LOGIC Return to Top

(A) General and miscellaneous

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Williams, C.J.F. “Aristotle’s Theory of Descriptions.” PR 94 (1985) 63-80.

(B) Syllogistic Return to Top

Barnes, J. “Proof and the Syllogism.” [Berti] 17-60.
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(C) Predication Return to Top

Bogen, J. “Aristotelian Contraries.” Topoi 10 (1991) 53-66.
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(A) General and Miscellaneous

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(B) Demonstration Return to Top

Ackrill, J.L. “Aristotle’s Theory of Definition: Some Questions on Posterior Analytics II 8-10.” [Berti] 359-384.
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(C) Explanation Return to Top

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(D) Time and Change Return to Top

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(A) General and Miscellaneous

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(B) Criticism of Plato Return to Top

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(C) Being Return to Top

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(D) Categories Return to Top

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(E) Matter Return to Top

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