JSIS 484E/584D
Winter 2017
North Korean Society

Class Schedule

Week I:
January 3rd and 5th: The Establishment of the DPRK

Week II:
January 10th and 12th: Heyday of the Father and Rise of the Son

Week III:
January 17th and 19th: The Son Takes Command

Week IV:
January 24th and 26th: DPRK and the Collapse of the Soviet Block

Week V:
January 31st and February 2nd: The North Korean Famine

In-class Midterm Tuesday, January 31st

Week VI:
February 7th and 9th: The Subjectivity of Famine in North Korea

Week VII:
February 14th and 16th: The Third Succession

Week VIII:
February 21st and 23rd: The Apparatus of Kim Jong-un's Power

Week IX:
February 28th and March 2nd: Crossing the DMZ

Paper Due by 5:00PM March 3rd in Sorensen's mailbox 411 Thomson

Week X:
March 8th and 10th: Museums and Borderlands

Final Exam: Tuesday, March 14th 2017 4:30-6:20 Smith 405


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