UW AMath High Performance Scientific Computing
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Downloading and installing software for this class

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For the Coursera class, this homework will not be submitted or graded. It is recommended that you do these problems in order to master the material, and use the discussion forum for help if you need it.

Students are responsible for finding adequate computational facilities and/or figuring out how to install and use the required software. See Downloading and installing software for this class for some instructions and other computing options. Again the discussion forum may also be a useful resource.

There will be 6 suggested homeworks and a final project during the quarter with target dates for completion listed below:

These are essentially the same assignments used in the UW course.

Homework solutions

Sample solutions to the homework assignments can now be found in the directory $UWHPSC/solutions. To maximize the learning experience, it is recommended that you attempt to fully complete the homeworks without consulting the solutions. But if you get stuck, studying the solutions may help you better understand the material.