Tsunami Hazard Assessment of the Ocosta School Site in Westport, WA
by Frank I. Gonzalez, Randall J. LeVeque, Loyce M. Adams, 2013.

Abstract. The Westport Ocosta School District is proposing the construction of a new building to replace the current Ocosta Elementary School (Educational Service District 112, 2012). Since the Walsh et al. (2000) study, there have been significant advances in tsunami modeling and our understanding of potential CSZ earthquake events. Consequently, this study was commissioned and funded by the Washington Emergency Management Division to meet the need for an updated assessment of the tsunami hazard at the Ocosta School campus.

Technical report: http://hdl.handle.net/1773/24054

Poster presented at 2014 GSA meeting: pdf
by T.J. Walsh, J.D. Schelling, C.R. Ash, R.J. LeVeque, L.M. Adams, and F.I. Gonzalez

Impact. This study was used in support of design of a new school building and passage of a bond issue to build this as the first tsunami vertical-evacuation refuge in the United States.

Rendition of the new school building / evacuation structure:

Designed by TCF Architecture of Tacoma, WA, with structural engineering work by Degenkolb Engineers.

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