Multiscale evaluation method of the drag effect on shallow water flow through coastal forests based on 3D numerical simulations
by R. Nomura, S. Takase, S. Moriguchi, K. Terada, and R.J. LeVeque, Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids 2021, DOI 10.1002/fld.5046

Abstract. This study presents a method for determining the drag parameter in the 2D shallow water (SW) equation for flows through a coastal forest by conducting a series of 3D numerical simulations (3D NSs). Following the theory of multiscale modeling, an evaluation method procedure is proposed. We first prepare a local test domain that contains a sufficient number of trees to constitute part of a coastal forest. Then, 3D NSs are conducted in this test domain with various inflow conditions. Based on the corresponding results, the momentum losses over the test domain are converted into the drag parameter of the global SW equation. A response surface of the drag parameter is constructed as a function of the flow conditions. The stabilized finite element method is employed for both the local and the global NSs, and the phase-field method is utilized to represent 3D free surfaces. Comparisons between the 2D SW calculation results and the 3D NS results are also performed to verify the validity of the proposed method.

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