Modeling Issues in Asteroid-Generated Tsunamis
by M.J. Berger and R.J. LeVeque NASA Technical Memorandum NASA/CR-2018-219786, ARC-E-DAA-TN53167, 2018

Abstract. This report studies tsunamis caused by asteroids, both those that arise from atmo- spheric blast waves moving across the water surface from airburst asteroids, and those that arise when the asteroid reaches the water and forms a crater. We per- form numerical experiments that compare simulations using depth-averaged models (shallow water and several forms of Boussinesq) with linearized Euler (acoustics plus gravity) and ALE hydrocode simulations. We find that neither of the depth- averaged models do a good job of initiating the tsunami, but in some cases can be used to propagate a solution generated by a higher-fidelity method. A list of our conclusions and recommendations for further study is given in Section 5.

Available on the NASA Technical Report Server.

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