Maritime Tsunami Hazard Assessment for the Port of Bellingham, Washington - Technical Report
by C. Garrison-Laney, R.J. LeVeque, and L.M. Adams, 2021

From the introduction: This Tsunami Hazard Assessment (THA) tests tsunamis from two earthquake sources: the Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ) and the Alaska-Aleutian subduction zone (AASZ) at the Port of Bellingham. The results of this study include modeled flow depths, surface heights (wave amplitudes), current speeds, and times of wave arrival. The data from this study was used to create a maritime guidance document for the Port of Bellingham, the City of Bellingham Emergency Management, and the Bellingham maritime community, to aid in planning and preparing for a tsunami. The maritime guidance document is a collaboration between Washington Sea Grant, Washington Emergency Management Division, the Washington Department of Natural Resources Washington Geological Survey, the Port of Bellingham, and the City of Bellingham.

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