Issues Encountered with ASCE Compatibility Criteria
by L.M. Adams, Frank I. Gonzalez, Randall J. LeVeque, 2019.

Final reported submitted to the Aberdeen School District.

Abstract. The State of Washington is assisting at-risk coastal communities that have included the design and construction of tsunami vertical evacuation structures in their hazard mitigation plans. Washington State has not formally adopted the ASCE 7-16 Chapter 6 standard; however, past VES projects have made the decision to meet these standards, as well as TLES-approved ASCE 7 Change Proposals to revise Chapter 6 of the 2022 version, ASCE 7-22 (e.g., Chock, et al., 2018) in anticipation of possible formal approval by the ASCE 7 Main Committee and adoption by the State. As a result, Washington State has been a very active user of the standard, which continues to evolve as the TLES reviews and develops and votes on 7-22 Change Proposals. The purpose of this brief report is to contribute to the ASCE 7 TLES process of improving ASCE Chapter 6 guidance by identifying issues we have encountered with these standards and providing appropriate suggestions that we hope will improve the guidance and ease of use by practitioners.

Technical report:

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