Homework and midterm

There will be 6 homework assignments during the quarter, requiring a combination of analytical and programming work. See Homework format below for information on the desired format.

There will also be an open-book midterm exam late in the quarter, covering some theoretical aspects of the material.

Schedule (tentative)


There will be an in-class Midterm exam exam on February 15, 2023. The exam will be open book, open notes. The goal will be to insure that you are proficient with some of the theory and algorithms presented in the course.

Homework format

Written solutions should be submitted as pdf files (not Word, please). Ideally these should be typeset using latex. (See Latex for some sources). If necessary you can hand write and scan, but typeset work is much easier to grade and is good practice.

If you use a notebook, please submit both the .ipynb file and the .html or .pdf file that is generated via the Files –> Download as… menu, or with the ipython nbconvert command. If you use a Python script, please submit the .py file.

For computer code, please include suitable documentation to describe what you’ve done and also explain it in your written solutions when appropriate. Include appropriate figures in your writeup.