I teach classes at both the undergraduate and PhD level.  I am dedicated to providing an applied research experience on real world policy questions and I provide the instruction, tools and mentorship enabling student success.  The courses are comparative and global in their focus covering the political and legal systems in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa and an expanding net of international legal institutions.

 UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL COURSES:  My undergraduate teaching regularly includes large lecture courses on comparative and international law and politics and a course on global human rights.  I also teach small seminar courses on international law and organization; global women’s rights; and EU law in a global context.

 PhD LEVEL COURSES:  My graduate teaching regularly includes a core course in the CLASS Center grad fellows program on comparative and international law and politics.  I also teach courses on international law and organization and a course on gender, law and international politics.  The courses are of interest to students from a wide scope of political science subfields including comparative politics, international relations, and public law as well as other disciplines including geography, sociology, anthropology, public policy and law.