Help for Monier-Williams Dictionary Search


Locates and displays the links to those HTML files in the Monier-Williams Dictionary that contain lines with text that matches the search string. The display consists of the link to the HTML file followed by one or lines with the matching string shown in bold type.

To pinpoint the desired text click on the link and then use the search tools built into each browser ( Edit > Find in Internet Explorer and Search > Find in this page in Netscape)

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By default the search engine:

  • Locates text strings deliminted by non-text characters. So if your search string is ship it matches " ship " or " Ship " or "(Ship)" or " ship.", but not " shipping " or " shipped ".
  • Ignores the case of characters, thus " ship ", " Ship ", and " SHIP " all match.
  • Displays only the first matching line in a given HTML file. Thus if "Ship" occurs on 17 different lines in a single HTML file only the first line that contains the match is displayed.

The above search form lets you override the default values if you need more precise control of your search.