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Associate Professor
School of Oceanography
University of Washington


Ph.D., 1997 Oceanography, University of Washington
M.S., 1993 Oceanography, University of Washington
B.S., 1987 Civil Engineering, Oregon State University
B.S., 1987 Physics, Eastern Oregon State College

RESEARCH INTERESTSInteraction between geological and physical oceanography of the coastal ocean; dispersal of sediment from river to deep sea, emphasizing high-concentration, gravity-driven flows; sediment transport processes in marine environments from surf zone to continental slope; instrument development.

2000-present Assistant Research Professor, School of Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
1998-2000 Visiting Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA
1997-1998 Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

FIVE KEY PUBLICATIONSFain, A.M.V., Ogston, A.S., Sternberg, R.W., (accepted) Sediment transport event analysis on the western Adriatic continental shelf, Continental Shelf Research

Ogston, A.S., Sternberg, R.W., Nittrouer, C.A., (2005) New advances in fine-grained sediment transport. In: The Sea. K.Brink and A. Robinson, Eds.

Ogston, A.S., Guerra, J.V., Sternberg, R.W. (2004) Interannual variability of sediment transport on the northern California shelf, Continental Shelf Research. Vol. 24, 1:117-136.

Ogston, A.S., Storlazzi, C.D., Field, M., Presto, M.K. (2004) Sediment resuspension and transport patterns on a fringing reef flat, Molokai, Hawaii, Coral Reefs 23: 559-569.

Ogston, A.S., D.A. Cacchione, R.W. Sternberg and G.C. Kineke (2000) Storm and river flood-driven sediment transport on the northern California continental shelf, Continental Shelf Research, 20: 2141-2162.

FIVE OTHER PUBLICATIONSFox, J.M., Hill, P.S., Milligan, T.G., Ogston, A.S., and Boldrin, A. (2004) Floc fraction in the waters of the Po River prodelta. Continental Shelf Research 24: 1699-1715.

Walsh, J.P., Nittrouer, C.A., Palinkas, C.M., Ogston, A.S., Sternberg, R.W., and Brunskill, G.J., (2004) Clinoform Mechanics in the Gulf of Papua, New Guinea, Continental Shelf Research 24.

Puig, P., Ogston, A.S., Mullenbach, B.L., Nittrouer, C.A., Parsons, J.D., Sternberg, R.W., (2004) Storm-induced sediment-gravity flows at the head of the Eel submarine canyon. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 109, No. C3, NIL_25-NIL_34.

Pullen, P., Doyle, J.D., Hodur, R., Ogston, A., Book, J.W. Perkins, H., and Signell, R. (2003) Coupled ocean-atmosphere nested modeling of the Adriatic Sea during winter and spring 2001, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 108, No. C10, 3320,

Ogston, A.S. and R.W. Sternberg (2002), Effect of wave breaking on sediment eddy diffusivity, suspended-sediment, and longshore flux profiles in the surf zone, Continental Shelf Research 22: 633-655.


Coastal Ocean Processes (CoOP) Steering Committee member (March 2005 to present)

Guest Editor for special volume of Continental Shelf Research in honor of Richard W. Sternberg's contribution to Sedimentology.

MARGINS Sediment/Stratigraphy, workshops to develop science and implementation plans for "Source to Sink" Initiative, Lake Quinalt, WA (1999) and Lake Tahoe, CA (2000). This program has successfully initiated NSF funded research in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand that is ongoing.

NEPTUNE (North East Pacific Time-series Undersea Networked Experiments), Scientific sub-theme workshop, "Cabled studies of sediment flux", Seattle, WA

Euro-STRATAFORM (STRATA FORmation on Margins), planning workshops to extend project to interact with European community, Paris, France (1999) and implementation workshop, San Francisco (2000). The program was successful in gaining funding and is now in its final years with coordinated research programs in the Adriatic Sea and Gulf of Lions coming to completion.

Referee for: Continental Shelf Research
Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans
Geo-Marine Letters
Marine Geology
Journal of Hydrology

NSF Proposals: PO, ChemO, MGG, MRI, and OTECH