Mechanics of Sediment Transport

Introduction (Lec 1)

Free-stream velocity

Particle delivery from plumes

Bottom boundary layer processes

Settling Velocity (Lec 2)

Stokes settling velocity (laminar)

Gibbs settling velocity (turbulent)

Flocculation of sediment particles (Lec 2)

Electrochemical forces

Biological binding

Hindered settling

Buoyant plumes - Optional (Lec 3)

Positively buoyant

Negatively buoyant – Chezy equation

Marine boundary layers (Lec 4)

Shear stress

Turbulent flows & momentum transfer

Quadratic stress law

Boundary layer velocity profiles (Lec 5) –

Karmen-Prandtl (or Law of the Wall)

Hydraulically smooth

Hydraulically rough

Notes on zo

Quadratic stress law (Lec 6)

Threshold of grain motion (Lec 7)

Bedload transport (Lec 8)

Suspended-sediment load and flux (Lec 9)

Rouse parameter

Rouse equation for suspended-sediment concentration

Reference height and concentration

Flux calculation

Steady and fluctuating components (Lec 10)

Waves and sediment transport (Lec 11)

Linear wave theory

Wave boundary layer

Friction factors

Threshold of motion and suspended-sediment concentration

Beaches (Lec 12)

Wave breaking

Threshold of motion


Suspended load





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