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Note: All papers published in the SALT Proceedings are available from here as well.

In press, (joint with Kiyomi Kusumoto) "The interpretation of tense: I didn't turn off the stove," In D. Gutzmann, L. Matthewson, C. Meier, H. Rullmann and E. Zimmermann (ed.), The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Semantics, Wiley. [pre-publication version .pdf] [doi link]

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2016, 「もの」の意味、「時間」の意味、くろしお出版, (Mono-no Imi, Jikan-no Imi, 'The Semantics of Things, The Semantics of Times', Kurosio Shuppan). [link]

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Unpublished Manuscripts

Some unpublished manuscripts are available from the following site (UW ID required) https://catalyst.uw.edu/workspace/ogihara/19807/


Formal semantics, Japanese Linguistics, Introduction to Linguistics [some sample syllabi from the last couple of years]


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