Open WorldCat Lookup

Use this form to seach for titles in OCLC's OpenWorldCat using either Google or Yahoo.

This search runs through a Perl script that does a simple URL rewrite and sends you on your way.
The script is available here.

Mozilla Searchbar Open WorldCat script

Save the two files below in your:
C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\searchplugins\
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\
folders and restart your browser.

After restarting the browser, 'Worldcat ' should appear in the drop down menu in either the Firefox search bar or the search bar in the Mozilla sidebar.
The first time you do a search, you may get a server error message. I haven't figured out why this is, but if you re-do the search, it'll work fine after that.


Open WorldCat search using the Google Deskbar

  1. Select 'Options' from the pop-up menu on the Google Deskbar
  2. From the Options dialog box, click on the 'Customized Searches' tab
  3. In the Customized Searches screen, click on 'Add' to add a new search
  4. In the 'Customized Search Description' screen, enter the following:
That's it! Click OK to save your settings.
Now you can enter the title of a book into the Google Deskbar and either use your Shortcut key or click on the WorldCat search from the popup menu and it will do a Google search for Open WorldCat records.

If you have any questions or comments about the stuff above, email me at:
If you care, I am:
Corey Murata
Business Computer-based Services Librarian
Foster Business Library
University of Washington