(SOC 597G)

The information on this webpage includes the outline of the  sociology department graduate seminar on networks, and has links to the seminar syllabus and other web sites of interest.

Course schedule information:

Spring, 1997
Monday 2:30-5:00pm
406 Oswald

 Professor Martina Morris


This course covers the origins of, methods and current research in social network analysis. The first half of the semester is devoted to network theory and methods. Network analysis has its roots in sociology and anthropology, and representative early works are examined. Recent advances in methods of data collection and analysis make the network paradigm more accessible to empirical researchers now, and these are reviewed. The second half of the semester covers current research that employs network methods to examine a wide range of demographic processes. Topics include family planning, migration, social epidemiology (e.g. HIV/AIDS) labor force dynamics, organizations and historical demography.


1. Origins Jan 20

2. Basic Issues & Concepts Jan 27

3. Structure: The Anatomy of Kinship Feb 10*
Mark Handcock, visiting lecturer

4. Agency and change Feb 17

5. Local Network Methods Friday Feb 21*

6. Complete Network Methods Feb 24

7. Sampling Issues Mar 3

Spring Break Mar 10-16


1. Contraception and Family Planning Mar 17

2. Migration Mar 24

3. Infectious Diseases Friday Mar 28*

4. Historical Demography and Social Change Apr 14*

5. The Add Health Study: Friday Apr 18
Peter Bearman, visiting lecturer

6. Labor Force Dynamics Apr 21
Sandra Smith, visiting lecturer

7. Organizations Apr 28

Course Syllabus

Links to other web pages of interest

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