World cities

"World Cities in History: An Overview":   world history as seen through the prism of urbanization, with a focus on the major cities of the ancient, classical, and modern eras.

 "World cities, empires, and world system evolution": data on world cities illuminate the fate of empires in history.

"Central Asian World Cities? (XI-XIII) "  What do histories of the Mongol conquest of Central Asia reveal about city populations? 

"Cities of the Ancient World":  July 1997 working paper documents early urbanization; complete and updated version may be found in "World Cities: -3000 to 2000" (2003) by G. Modelski (Washington: FAROS2000).

"Classical World Cities in East Asia: -1000 to 1000": special report 2002; full data set may be consulted in "World Cities: -3000 to 2000" (2003).

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