"Rebalancing the transatlantic partnership" :  (2009) ,  a response to Edouard Balladur's "Pour une union occidentale entre Europe at les Etats-Unis".

"The Roman Predicament"   by Harold James.   A debate about globalization and empire.

"World Cities: -3000 to 2000"   by George Modelski; reviewed by Ch. Chase-Dunn and  D. Pascuti (in JWSR, Vol. X(3), 2004).

"Evolutionary learning: imitative or innovative?"   A  comment on Peter Richerson and  Robert Boyd s "Not by Genes Alone" (click on "authors' response" and scroll down).

Comment on S. Wolfram's "A new Kind of Science". Decoding world system evolution?

"Evolutionary Interpretations of World Politics"   Edited by William R. Thompson.   Reviewed by Thomas E. Dickins.

Review of  "ReOrient:   Global Economy in the Asian Age"     by A.G. Frank.

"Origins of War"  review of J.M.G. van der Dennen's work on the evolutionary prehistory of war.

 "Leading Sectors and World Powers"   reviewed by Terry Boswell and Robert Denemark, in Journal of World-Systems Research, 1997 

Review of  "Evolutionary paradigms in the social sciences". (special issue, International Studies Quarterly)  by F.A. Beer, in Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission,(1997)."

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