Evolution of Global Politics

"Emergence of a global polity"  (2010)   How a global political system arose between 1000 and 2000.

"From Leadership to Organization:  the evolution of global politics"  (2008 rev.)    Explains how and why, in the past half-millenium, some states have risen to world power while others failed, in a process that is driving global political evolution toward new forms of world organization, from leadership, to organization.  "The evolution of global politics" (1995) 

"Long-term trends in world politics"    Zurich conference 2004 paper, set against the earlier, 1995 analysis.     Republished in  JWSR ,   Vol.XI(2) as  "Long-term trends in world politics" (2005) 

"Evolutionary paradigm for global politics":   structural change in global politics is an evolutionary process. 

"Global Leadership in an Evolutionary Perspective"  (2000)

"Long cycles in global politics" :   the process that drives global political evolution.   Prepared for the "Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems" (www.eolss.net).

"Time, calendars, and IR: the evolution of global politics in the 21st Century": (1996)   An evolutionary perspective on global politics in the 21st century.

"Portuguese seapower and the evolution of global politics": Portugal's Golden Age (1420-1540) as a case study in the evolution of global politics.

"Building the Union: an evolutionist explanation"  (2009) by Fulvio Attina;   how European integration is intimately linked to the evolution of the global political system.

The evolutionary logic of   "Asymmetric threat assessment", and its role in past global conflicts,  by A. Alexeyev:

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