Unstoppable exhibition in INCA

Unstoppable exhibition in INCA Seattle

Exhibition: 18 December – 22 January

Unstoppable exhibition
public conversation

Public conversation: December 18, at 8:30pm there was a public conversation about how art can be a space to develop direct action strategies to save the lives of black trans women, trans women of color and black people more broadly. Artist/theorist micha cárdenas had invited a range of conversants including artists and activists Edxie Betts, Kiyomi Fujikawa, C. Davida Ingram and Nikkita Oliver to get the conversation started. The conversation included everyone who shows up to the event and centered on these questions:

– What direct action strategies can we imagine to stop the murders of black trans women, black people

   and trans women of color?
– How have you used art to create change to save black lives?

– How can artists and organizers work together to create change, now, without asking other people to do it for us?
– Relative to our art and expressions, for those of us whom are either black or trans or both,

   what are ways we can heal ourselves and uplift each other from some of the deepest internalizations

   of white supremacy, anti-blackness, and trans misogyny without perpetuating ‘master narratives’ and

   symbology that say we will always be oppressed?

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