Materials Testing #1 and New Designs with Edxie Betts

DISCLAIMER: This is an art project, the artists are not making any claims that these instructions will prevent you from being harmed by guns. Consider this website for information purposes only and use at your own risk. The artists are not responsible for the outcome of you following these instructions.


The results of our first round of testing were that yes, used tires can stop bullets from a 9mm pistol and a 5.56 rifle. But, the number of layers required to stop them is inconclusive. We estimate that between 8-10 layers of tire are required. The age and the thickness of the tire may be a factor here. The Kevlar airbags that we recovered did not stop any bullets. We tested them with one sheet of Kevlar folded to have 8 layers of depth, but further research states that you need 15 layers of depth. We will be doing another round of materials testing soon and posting the results. We tested a 9mm because it is the kind of gun used to kill Trayvon Martin and we want to prevent any other black people from being shot in the future, especially black trans women.

bullet stopped

initial target



10 layers of tire is impractical for clothing, but can be made into a backpack. As such, we will be focusing on determining where to recover cheap Kevlar and how many layers of it are required, as well as focusing on different kinds of tires to find out the best bulletproof tire method. Below are images of new garment designs with Edxie Betts modeling, along with a statement from Edxie.







Edxie’s words about this project:

TRIGGER WARNING: We Live In A Dystopia…

There is no way around it, It is written, institutionalized, and designed by Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Disableist Cis Normative Hetero Patriarchy(Whiteness). What is done to survive takes the love, courage, wisdom, and rage earned/befallen upon us by our ancestors within the long existing fight against colonization. I have decided to collaborate with these efforts to decentralize skills and materials necessary for the protection and survival of black and transgender lives. Because we are in a state of emergency. Industrialization is destroying our earth. Our comrades and loved ones are being killed in police custody, the Police State and agents of white domination and cishetero patriarchy are escalating its violence against us because resistance movements are fueling the tensions of long existing power relations.

Hopefully this DIY armor will inspire others to expand on these designs and technology. Lets flip the script and tear at the pages of this living dystopia imposed on our psyches and bodies. Direct action saves our lives. Please share this site far and wide. We are UNSTOPPABLE! Another world is possible!


If you want to contribute to the project, and are deeply versed in gun safety, we would be happy to receive your results in a comment on our website. Additionally ,if you can contribute to the research of figuring out what models of car have Kevlar airbags, that would be useful.

micha rifle


chris pistol

micha with pistol





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