Presentation at the 18th Annual Allied Media Conference

dr. micha cárdenas and Frances Lee will be presenting in a “Data and Power” plenary at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI on June 1, 2017.

State surveillance, biometrics, racist algorithms, and more – it is easy to become fearful and overwhelmed when it comes to data. And yet, our communities are resilient and full of genius. Beyond the many hands-on tools of circumvention and protection we share at the AMC, we need creativity and inspiration when it comes to data too. This plenary will highlight the work of three artists who transform the fear of data and surveillance into power and healing: instagram poetry that makes security culture accessible and compelling; a father’s FBI file reclaimed and transformed into art; an open source software for surveilling the surveyors and fostering cross-movement collaborations.

june 15-18 2017, 19th annual allied media conference, detroit, mi