Interns Wanted to work on Arts-Based Research and Interactive Media Design

POClab is looking for interns for our new lab for Spring quarter. All research in this lab is focused on applying technological creativity to social justice. Applicants need to be knowledgeable and passionate about working to end violence based on race, gender and sexuality.

Please email michamc at uw d0t edu if you’re interested in working on:

– Wearable Electronics, skills needed include basic programming in a C based language

– 3D Printing for Wearables, skills needed include basic 3D modeling

– Bulletproof fashion design, skills needed include research of materials in books and articles

– Apple watch app development, skills needed include basic programming in a C based language and/or ability to create compelling visual design mockups

The website for the lab that students would be working in is here:

Workshop on game design based on the project “Redshift and Portalmetal”


POClab director Dr. micha cárdenas led a workshop on game design based on her project Redshift and Portalmetal at SUNY Buffalo’s Techné Institute on Monday, March 21, 2016. Additionally, cárdenas spoke in SUNY Buffalo PLASMA series. She discussed her on going arts-based research into safety technologies for trans people of color and about her approach to interactive media design pedagogy.

Performances, Lectures, and Screenings in Media Art (PLASMA) is a speakers series presented by the Department of Media Study and co-sponsored by the Department of English, the Department of Theater and Dance, the UB Technē Institute, and the UB Gender Institute. The series is open to the public and focuses on contemporary practices and discourses in media art and culture. This year the series included Shelley Jackson, micha cárdenas, Susanna Paasonen, Ian Bogost, Tony Conrad, among others.

March 21: Micha Cardenas


Photo by võ thiên việt.