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The Legend of Dido

Incipit Legenda Didonis martiris, Cartaginis Regine.   Here begins the legend of Dido, martyr, Queen of Carthage.
Glorye and honour, Virgil Mantoan,   Glory and honor, Virgil of Mantua,
Be to thy name! and I shal, as I can,   Be to your name! And I shall, as I can,
Folwe thy lanterne, as thow gost byforn,925  Follow your lantern, as you go before,
How Eneas to Dido was forsworn.   How Aeneas to Dido was forsworn.
In thyn Eneydos and Naso wol I take   In your Aeneid and Ovid will I take
The tenor, and the grete effectes make.   The tenor, and the great effects make.
Whan Troye brought was to destruccioun   When Troy brought was to destruction
By Grekes sleyghte, and namely by Synoun,930  By Greeks' sleight, and namely by Sinon,
Feynynge the hors offered unto Mynerve,   Feigning the horse offered unto Minerva,
Thourgh which that many a Troyan moste sterve;   Through which that many a Trojan must perish;
And Ector hadde, after his deth, apeered;   And Hector had, after his death, appeared;
And fyr so wod it myghte nat been steered   And fire, so wild it might not been steered,
In al the noble tour of Ylioun,935  In all the noble towers of Ilium,
That of the cite was the chef dongeoun;   That of the city was the chief dungeon;
And al the contre was so lowe ybrought,   And all the country was so low brought,
And Priamus the kyng fordon and nought;   And Priam the king defeated and naught;
And Enyas was charged by Venus   And Aeneas was charged by Venus
To fleen awey, he tok Ascanius,940  To flee away, he took Ascanius,
That was his sone, in his ryght hand, and fledde;   That was his son, in his right hand, and fled;
And on his bak he bar and with hym ledde   And on his back he bore and with him led,
His olde fader ycleped Anchises,   His old father called Anchises,
And by the weye his wif Creusa he les.   And by the way his wife Creusa he lost.